Sunday, 17 February 2019


I do have a few things to mention today.  Firstly, as you will know if you receive our Newsletters, we have some new stamps available now on the CI website.  The stamp images were beautifully drawn by a new artist for us, Maria Kitano, from Belgium.  Here they are (just in case you haven't seen the latest CI Newsletter)....

From the top we have CI-505, Bluebird with Branch and Berries, CI-506, Little Bluebird amongst Blossoms, and CI-507, Perching Bird.  We love them and it seems you do too.  First released on Hochanda recently, we had a very busy couple of shows there, and now released on our website, you have been loving them on there too I'm pleased to say.  All three are great to stamp and then colour with various colouring techniques.  The process is both relaxing and therapeutic, as well as rewarding.  The shading is already there, so you just need to add some colour.

You may be interested to learn some more about our artist Maria, so I have some links for you:


We hope to turn lots more of Maria's images into stamps in the future!

It's probably worth mentioning at this point that all the stamps on our website are sold unmounted, as probably are all the stamps of ours that you may see on other websites, or in art/craft shops around the world.  This means that you simply get just the red rubber image.  You can mount them in what ever way you choose, or prefer.  On Hochanda we are currently selling all our stamps ready mounted on Stix2 mounting foam.  This foam self clings to an acrylic block and helps you to get a good printed image.  We also sell A4 sheets of Stix2 foam on our website separately if you choose to mount your stamps on the foam.

I now have a few images of makes by the CI teamies with the above stamps, with lots more to follow in other posts by other teamies.  You will find the actual stamps for sale on the CI site HERE...

First though I have two makes by Maria herself with two of the birds stamps she created..

 Makes by Sylvie..

Now one by Flo..

 .... and one by Sandra - I can make the one above and below nice and big...

How cool are they?!

If you would like to win one of two sets of the new stamps we have available, please leave a kind comment at the end of this post.  We will randomly pick two comment owners to win all three new bird stamps one day next week.

The other subject I would like to bring up tonight is about Hochanda itself.  If you follow craft on UK TV on the craft channels you may have realised there is currently something going on.  Lesley Wharton (Chocolate Baroque) has made a statement on Facebook which I will copy and paste below.  We support Hochanda, as does Lesley, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future....

In Lesley's own words - 'Ok, so there has been a lot of rumours and stuff flying around the last few days and we just want to say that Chocolate Baroque is staying put and we will continue to support #Hochanda. After all just over two years ago, when we were a big casualty of the Craft Channel's demise, Hochanda took us under their wing and helped us to get by in those early months when we could easily have gone under. And we have to remember how privileged we are to be invited into your home every month, Hochanda provide the platform for that and, thankfully, you turn on your tv and watch us.
I kind of think we have a three way partnership going on here; our lovely customers, Hochanda and us. I know they say three's a crowd but not in this relationship, we all need each other to be able to do what we do. So all I will say is this, we thank you for your continued support in watching our shows and buying from them, in producing fabulous artwork with the stamps and products we bring you and thank you to everyone in Hochanda for making me, and all your other suppliers, look good on the telly. I think we ALL rock, don't you!'

Enough said I think.

So finally please don't forget to leave a comment to be in with a chance of winning our 3 brand new (unmounted) bird themed red rubber stamps.

Bye for now,
Back soon,

Jean x



Saturday, 9 February 2019


Did you see our shows on Hochanda on Monday and Tuesday?  Lots of you did and we had a fabulous and very busy time indeed.  We released 3 brand new stamps by a new artist for us called Maria Kitano, and hopefully we will get the new stamps up on the CI website towards the end of next week.  Malcolm is very busy cooking that rubber, but we managed to steal a day off today, as we heard it was a Steampunk weekend over in lovely Whitby.  So just for fun this post features images taken by Malcolm of some of the Steampunk party participants, followed by some recent atmospheric local seaside photos also by Malcolm....


A change is as good as a rest - so the saying goes!

Thanks for taking a peek,

Back soon,
Jean x

Saturday, 2 February 2019


I re-found these beauties by teamie Flo the other day, and I am delighted to be able to show you them tonight. Made for our last shows on Hochanda, and using CI-296, CI-302, CI-386,  and CI-310, they are delicious....

Thanks Flo.

......And here is the sneaky peek for tonight (from a creation by teamie Sylvie).  As you may have already heard - lol - we have live CI selling shows on Hochanda at 4pm on Monday (4th) and 10am on Tuesday (5th) featuring some fabulous goodies including some new stamps (all already mounted on cling) by a recently new artist for us - Maria Kitano, from Belgium.  We are sure you are going to love her latest illustrations!

We do hope YOU will be watching the CI demos by Lesley and myself..

See you on Monday,
Back soon,
Jean x

p.s. Lesley and Judith also have CB shows at 2pm on Monday and 8am on Tuesday, so we have a very exciting couple of days ahead for all you dedicated crafters out there!  The excitement is certainly building now in CI and CB headquarters, oh yes it is! ............................

Thursday, 24 January 2019


It was fun to have a look at some past makes in my last post, and again thanks for the positive comments at the end, as it is good to know you enjoyed the post and the January reflection too.  As mentioned then I am going to continue with this reflection in today's post, and maybe even the next as there is still so much to enjoy and share when you start poking around in old records, files and memories, and we have barely touched the surface yet.

Again I won't link or name as such (although some are named anyway) so you can just scroll down through the images themselves, suffice to say that the makes were all created by a past or present member of the CI Team with mainly CI stamps or other products.  Some are simple and some more involved, some festive and some everyday, and I have kind of been drawn to piccies with a vaguely yellowish/peachy glow to them today I would say....

Do let me know if you find it interesting or inspiring or helpful perhaps to do a little reflecting on the past like this occasionally?!

Thanks for looking,
Back soon,
Jean x

p.s.  Diary Date: Our next trip to the Hochanda TV studios will mean appearances on there on the 4th & 5th of February.  Further details to follow.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019


Thank you to everyone who left comments on our last post, from Anne, through to Sally and Sherry, and then down to Dora and more, and thanks also for all the lovely new year messages we have received.  Hope you all get lots of time for inky, messy, crafty fun in the weeks to come in 2019.

With it being the start of a new year I thought I would have a bit of a reflective post tonight and look back at some of the lovely makes we have blogged over the years.  Actually there are so many past beauties I have been looking at today that we may have to continue in another post.  The following have all been made either by a team member or myself, some of the teamies have now moved on, and others are still very much on the CI team.  I have grouped tonight's delights in a sort of vaguely blueish theme.  I don't think I will add links or names to these (although some are incorporated), so you can just enjoy the images themselves, with a general thanks to all our clever and very creative teamies....

Thanks for joining me today in this little reflection on the past, and as always I'll be back soon with more great images for your viewing pleasure.

Jean x