Thursday 26 September 2019


As promised in today's CI Newsletter tonight's Blog Post is full of Sneaky Peeks.  We are in the Hochanda studios on Tuesday, 1st October, with CI shows at 8am and 3pm, UK time.  Lesley and myself will be demoing again, and Lesley has CB shows at 10am and 2pm too.

We will have some wonderful new stamp designs from a very wonderful young lady called Ellie, who is uber talented and which we think you will adore.  Here are just a few of the peeks, and please keep checking our Facebook page (link at the side) for more peeks to come over the next few days....

So far the above images are by myself, Flo, Sandra, Isa and Dora. 

Don't forget to check Facebook for more beauties over the next few days.

Here is the Hochanda viewing info..

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Back soon,
Jean x

Thursday 12 September 2019


Thank you all of you who so kindly leave comments at the end of my blog posts, we really appreciate you taking the time to do this, and I absolutely agree we do have the best teamies in the land, probably in the known universe and well beyond.  Thank you best teamies, you are amazing!!

Malcolm, Monty and I are having a few days away again very soon, so this is a fairly brief post from me (still lots to do and get on top of), but with some colourful and creative artwork to show. 

A beautiful make by Isabelle....

A bright and cheery make by Sylvie....

I think the following gentle beauty is by Flo....

And lastly 2 makes by yours truly.  Firstly a collage made for our last Hochanda shows....

Plus a card - put your sunglasses on - it's bright, but I do rather like this one all the same!..

Thanks for reading,

Back soon,
Jean x

p.s. We do have a new teamie - yay - who specialises in YouTube videos..  'The Scottish Crafter' - more to follow, but here is a link for now..

Saturday 7 September 2019


Good Evening All.  We have had a very arty/crafty day today at Staithes Arts Festival, visiting lots of cottages and artists and crafters within.  Weather interesting and certainly autumnal, with a mixture of rain, sunshine and high winds, but all great fun nevertheless.  Have long since run out of house room for much in the way of purchases, but lovely to look at anyway!

So now I am going to have a catch up and gather together Facebook image posts, plus some other new ones, and display below...

Three beautiful makes by lovely Flo to start us off..

Just loving the vintage look in the top two, and the bees busy about the hive in the last one.  Stamps involved here are: CI-393 (middle) and CI-410 (first and third).

Now three very pretty cards by Sarah...

How lovely is the top one, using a flower from CI-293, and a sentiment from CI-410, simple and very clever Sarah!

Now a couple of metallic flavoured makes from Helen.  A great tag and a very cool canvas board..

Butterflies galore, featuring CI-519, and CI-520. Very nice!

Two cards by Gerrina tonight as well. Such a pretty bird from CI-515 and butterfly from CI-518..

Adoring this one from Sandra.  Flower embossed in white - always a great effect, with a beautifully coloured butterfly on top.  Check out CI-521 for this image.  I think I can make this one nice and big for you!..

The next is one from me using CI-514, inspired by an earlier make by Sylvie..

The image was meant to have more space around it, but I kept cutting around in a skew whiff sort of way each time, and it just got smaller and smaller as I tried to straighten it up, you might just know what I mean here?! Not paying enough attention to the job I was doing, I think, ha ha.  Quite like the colours though.

And finally here's a sweet little bird by Dora.  Background made with CI-293.

Yellows and purples, very lovely!

Now which image shall I pop on Facebook tonight?!

Hope you are all having a great weekend wherever you are,
Back soon,
Jean x

p.s. CI News: Our next Hochanda shows are on the 1st October, I am so enjoying playing with the stamps that will be featuring on those shows at the moment (we are thinking and hoping that you will adore them too), and also the following month we will be having a stand at the Harrogate Stamperama show, that's in November folks.