Sunday 10 April 2011


As you may have seen, from last night's email, we have just released 3 new Individuals rubber stamps, and 3 new Elements rubber stamps, all of which we are very pleased with and hope you will find will be both useful and attractive to use in your crafting projects.  We hope you enjoy them.  The images below are a couple of projects I have made with them so far.  The frame is a little round chipboard Tando 'must-have'.

Loving those corsets and accessories!

And that oh so proud peacock!

We also have a fantastic current special offer of a 'designer' tote bag, which is light, strong, and of course - eco friendly.  It comes free if you spend over £35 on the website.  I use mine all the time for that extra shopping, and it looks great if you pin your CI badges on it (more badges available to purchase coming soon).

On a different note Malcolm and I had a really lovely day out amongst the daffodils in beautiful Farndale yesterday.  We just caught them at their best - I think they must be a little earlier this year than usual, and if you are intending to visit don't leave it any longer than this week.  The walk is around 3 miles from Low Mill to Church Houses, and back, with a cafe and a pub at Church Houses.
The weather was amazing, and the walk takes you along the banks of the river Dove.  At times the view was a complete 'sea' of stunning wild yellow daffodils.  Of course we had Crafty Individuals in mind and photos were a priority - maybe a glossy sheet, nature book, background sheet, or even a stamp, might result.  Here is a little taste of the views, plus a shot of me amongst the little delights.

Mother nature (who didn't have anything to do with that hair!) is quite incredible, isn't she?

Thanks for checking back.

Jean x


Dolly Daydreams said...

What amazing photographs ! and love the hair deffo want that bag so must get a little order together.


Anonymous said...

I was proud of my 5 daffs in the garden until I saw these photos LOL!
Great new stamps.

Sid said...

Fantastic photo hwat a sea of yellow !! Lovely art too !! said...

Oh to see a sea of daffodils. Great photos Jean and a great job with the card.

Netty said...

The best time of the year is Spring, seeing all those beautiful flowers makes your heart Zing...

Ooh so loving those corsets and accessories, terrific....oh dear another must
Annette x

Lynne K said...

Love the new stamps! Now, that gorgeous daffodil photo - I can see a stamp coming, similar to the one with the poppies! (Hope I'm right!)
Lynne x

ElizabethR said...

Gorgeous piccie of the daff's, looks like you had good weather as well. Love the new stamps, can't wait for them to arrive! Elizabeth x

Lynne Moncrieff said...

Your new stamps are beautiful, especially the corset stamp.
Beautiful artwork.
Lynne M

Alison said...

Fantastic new stamps! And the daffs are gorgeous, never seen so many altogether!
Alison x

Von said...

What lovely makes with the new stamps :) and have you noticed the wonderful scent that daffs have
Von x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Love the new products, and that gorgeous daffodil photo would make a wonderful stamp or glossy image. Will send the link to Col so he can see. I bet he will know the place,

Lucy x

Unknown said...

Love the corset stamps yum! And those daffs are amazing

love Dawn xx

Daniele said...

wow now thats what you call a field of are tempting us again not only great new stamps but a must have poor credit card
hugs and best wishes to you both

Anonymous said...

Hello Jean, what lovely makes with your new mine yesterday :-) thank you and the bag is gorgoeus...thank you. S x

Ginger said...

Lovely new stamps, just about to start playing with them,thank you. C x