Saturday 7 July 2012


So much to show you - where do I start?!  Well I had better start somewhere tonight and then continue in another post.  So firstly as promised in my last post I'll start with The Craft Barn Extravaganza which was held in Lingfield in Surrey last weekend, and was a fabulous event as always.  If you haven't visited this event before you should start making arrangements now for next year as it is a craft event not to be missed! 

We began on the Friday with a Crafty Individuals all day workshop.  Tando have brought out 3 gorgeous, gorgeous chipboard clock 'blanks', which we will have in stock on the website very, very soon - so do keep checking the Must-Have section where the Tando products are kept.  My faux Cuckoo Clock piece is here below in its entirety -

Loved decorating this, and here is a close up of the clock face -

All three clock blanks have a printers tray feel to them, which makes them very easy to decorate, as you can concentrate on one section at a time, and then overlay images/stamping to pull the whole thing together.  I used an assortment of CI products to embellish including Elements stamps: CI-231, CI-206, CI-248, CI-329, CI-350 and also one of our new clock faces (all three can be used with all three Tando clock blanks) - CI-352.

Everyone in my class came up with a completely different colour scheme and layout although we all started with the same basic items.  Here are a few pics of the clever folks hard at work -

Plus a few 'works in progress' -

When the clocks are in stock I can give you a bit of a blog tutorial on how I went about decorating my clock if you are interested? - please leave a comment if you would find this helpful!

The following two days of the Extravaganza were spent demoing CI products and the lovely TAP Paper, and I will bring you more pictures of the demo pieces soon.  I was just one of 28 different demonstrators including Helen Chilton, Leandra Franich, Linda Brown, Di from Tando, and many more who all had something different to offer.  Thanks to everyone who was involved!


You also might have noticed that we have new products now on the CI Website.  New clock stamps as mentioned above -

As well as fitting the Tando clocks very nicely the clock faces can also be used in general card making and crafting.  They make a perfect focal point for a card based on time, or the hands can be set to a specific time to mark a special occasion.  However they are also perfect for decorating backgrounds too, and Sue has been experimenting with the clocks plus other CI stamps to make these lovely papers - imagine the possibilities!

 Lovely, lovely, lovely!

 In addition to the clocks we have also added 3 new Elements plates - CI-349, CI-350, and CI-351 -

And I made a quick one layer card with one of the quirky birds from CI-349, plus ferns from CI-207 - an old favourite of mine!

The lace stamp is proving to be very versatile as it can be coloured up in lots of different ways -

This is just simply white ink on navy blue card.  I'm also having fun using Distress Markers to achieve multi coloured lace as well.

You may also have noticed we have added some brand new products to the site too, which are proving extremely popular, and I will give you an update on those in the near future.

Need sleep now - back soon!
Hope you can leave a comment!

Jean x


Clare Lloyd said...

Wow! Stunning clock project!

Sid said...

Great stuff Jean !!

Gio said...

It was a pleasure and an honour to met you and Malcom at Extravaganza!

Your new releases...a new must have, especially the clock stamp and that lace!! WOW!!

Gio said...

Sorry , forget to tell I really interested on a clock tutorial, please!

Elaine said...

That looks like a great class - great pictures, wish I could have been there. Great to meet you and Malcolm again at the Craft Barn. I bought a clock blank, forgot to look for your clock stamps, I definitely need at least one! A tutorail would be great.

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

WOW what a great things. And what a beautiful new stamp plates. Love them very much. grr again something for my wishinglist.
lovely greet

Liesbeth Fidder said...

The new stamps are SO BEAUTIFUL !! And great projects ! said...

Wow Jean what a beautiful clock and how nice to see everyone working on theirs.Very nice new things you show me today,I fell immediatly in love with the stamps.Nice sunday from a rainy Holland,Miranda

Sophie said...

Meine Güte!
Ist das schön!!!
Ich bin fasziniert und begeistert.

Liebe Grüße

Lucy Edmondson said...

Gorgeous new stamps! And what a great project for the Extravaganza - I would love a blog tutorial, in fact tutorials generally on the blog would be lovely (you will hate me now!),

Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous clock, and I love the new bird stamps ! Sue Cx

Craftyfield said...

Lovely to see Jean and Malcom at the extravaganza, chat and get top tips from the experts. Can't wait to crack open the TAP paper ! Seen the new products on the website and waiting with baited breath for the next batch of designs...

Redanne said...

Your clock project is absolutely stunningly gorgeous! It is now a must have....And love the 'wild child' too - so cute and so funny. A x

Asia King (aka Joanna K) said...

Stunning clock - beautifully embellished ;)))

Margaret said...

Wow, what a wonderful project! I would welcome any hints and tips/tutorials. Even if I'm not doing the same project I love to be able use the techniques on others

Margaret xx

Gail said...

Hi Jean, it would be great if you did a blogg tutorial on how you made that fabulous clock. Agreeing with Lucy Edmonson, any tutorials or tips you have time or inclination to share gratefully received. The fab new elephant stamp arrived today but it was such a glorious day here in Norway that I haven't had a chance to sit down and play with it. A quick look left me looking forward to the next rainy day.

nefertiti said...

What a fabulous clock!!!!
and the new stamps are so beautiful too!!

Anonymous said...

Would love clock tutorial, yours is fab new stamps are gorgeous have just purchased some.
linda x

Daniele said...

just loving the clock project Jean,and the bird with the wild child sign is a delight
hugs and best wishes

Anonymous said...

Outstanding clock project and love your use of the quirky bird.
Okay, I know you probably don't want to be hearing this but yes, tutorials would be brilliant and I've no doubt they would generate interest.

Unknown said...

Jean what amazing work, I can see why you loved making that clock its sensational and
I love the colour too !.
Your scense of humour is fab , with the wild child bird what a super card . Well done Hugs Elaine

Words and Pictures said...

Amazing creations, and potential creations... all looks so yummy!
Alison x

Dawn Louise said...

Wows again, these look great, the lace stamp will be very versatile. And must get one or two of the clocks x