Saturday 16 November 2013


I have a scrumptious (had to look up how to spell that one!) Christmas project to share with you tonight by the very talented Effie of Efemera Ink, and what's more the said lady has kindly given us step by step piccies and instructions.  So go on - have a go yourself. ...

This is the fabulous finished (closed) festive 'exploding' tree ..

Plus a close-up..

And this is how you go about making it ..

1.  Cut the chipboard - one square and four triangles

2.  Use strips of paper to glue the triangles to the square, leave a small gap between the two - do this on both sides, and the triangles are now hinged to the square

3.  Cover both sides of the tree with patterned paper and stamp a part of CI-307 - (Special Child ticket) at the very top of each triangle on the outside

4.  Cut four images (from CI Image Book - 'Merry Christmas') into arch shapes, cut larger arches in cardstock and glue the images down.  Edge with german scrap, or similar.  Glue one to the outside of each tree triangle

5.  Decorate the inside of each triangle with more Santas from the mini book

6.  Use the tip of the triangle and draw four times next to each other on covered card, add a tab, cut, score, fold and glue tab down - this makes the top cap to keep the tree closed.  Attach a star on top

7.  Add a decoration of your choice in the centre - Effie used a vintage Santa figure

8.  Glue a large decorated cotton reel to the base to stand

We would love to see your similar makes using the above instructions - loving it!

Thanks Effie!

On a similar note Carol has sent over some cool pictures of a Christmassy exploding box made with lots of CI products as features..

Stars from CI-374 (I think), snowflakes from CI-241, plus other stamps CI-270 and CI-271.  Lovely make in very festive colours.  I haven't ever made an exploding anything as yet - probably about time I gave it a go!

Carol also sent over pictures of this pretty little gift sack in a similar colour scheme ..

Great use of CI-136 'Christmas Santa Smiles' both on the bag and on the friendly plastic in the centre of the rosette.  Thanks Carol.

Thanks everyone for the nice comments on my last post about the new stamps and new 'must haves' - I think this latest release will turn out to be a really popular one as you are all so enthusiastic about them all, and the appropriate items are now flying out all over the world.  If you make anything nice with them do let us know - we were delighted to see this great image by Joanna K, using our new stamp CI-399 'Winter Wonderland' (I adore this lovely stamp - which happens to be free with our current offer on spends of over £28 - visit us at

I love how Joanna has incorporated the sparkly threads behind the image - will be trying that trick out myself soon!

Before I close for tonight I thought I would share a little picture of Malc and that cheeky little Monty Moodle, taken recently at the seaside.  Malcolm is currently working on a series of photographs taken whilst 'Out with the Mont' and the final images here are a sample of the results of his snapping!

Nice and moody!

Jean x


Ginger said...

Monty is very cute, the old saying is true never work with animals or children, its always the animals who get the comments. Poor Malc.
I love the exploding tree, a new shape to explode, I will have a bash at that, thanks Effie for sharing. X

Sid said...

Great stuff Effie and love those fab pics !!

carol edwards said...

Hi Jean many thanks for posting insiratios. Love Monty and the pictures are great, though animals steal the show

Brenda Brown said...

Love the two boxes, fab Christmas projects and great photos from Malcolm and him with Monty Moodle. TFS
hugs {brenda} x0x

Sue said...

Wonderful exploding boxes and thanks to Effie for providing the instructions. All the Christmas projects are lovely and as for the photos of Malcolm and Monty - just adorable (both of them!)

Craftyfield said...

I think both Effie's and Carol's projects are beyond me... but I look at Malc's pictures and I think they would make lovely stamps (I have a weak spot for photographic stamps)...

willow said...

Malcolmns Photo's great and the Christmas Crafts are really very nice.

pauline said...

cute doggy thank you for how to do the card going to have a go ,love what u done xxx

Karen said...

Wow Jean, your Malcome is pretty clever with his camera! These are stunning photographs!!!!!!!!

Gorgeous makes on show too xxx

nefertiti said...

Monty is so cute and Malcom too proud of his dog!!!
Great work and fabulous projects by Effie, Carol and Joanna!

Words and Pictures said...

Both the exploding projects are brilliant, and I love the others you shared too. The photos at the end by Malc are simply wonderful!
What a great post!
Alison x

Daniele said...

so loving these projects, Monty looks so darn sweet
hugs x

ionabunny said...

Great exploding projects. Great photo's Malc

rachel said...

amazing projects and I love those b&w photos too - wonderful xx

Cocofolies said...

The exploding boxes are really amazing !!! Also the photos of Malcom are great wow!... And the card made by Johanna is gorgeous too. Great post Jean, thanks for sharing ! :) Hugs, coco xx

Joanna Wiƛniewska said...

Great Christmas boxes and a gift sack, I like a lot rosettes :)
Beautiful photographs.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Great projects - especially love the exploding boxes! Malcolm clearly has an eye for a good photo - hope he has lots of Monty walks coming up!

Gio said...

These are gorgeous photos, Jean. Tell Malcom we really appreciate them!

I love the boxes, thanks for sharing the step by step!

Sherry Hickey said...

What a completely yummy post! The Christmas creations are totally amazing and Malcolm's photos are really beautiful! What kind of doggie is yours? He's so cute I think I must have one!!

Lucy Edmondson said...

Such incredibly clever projects, and a very youthful picture of Malc!

Lucy x