Thursday 25 September 2014


New stuff today indeed, but firstly thanks to Rachel, Ionabunny, Rita, Craftyfield, Sid, Nefertiti, Julie, Gerrina, Coco and Lucy for their sweet comments on my last post - always very much appreciated!  We are in the throes of getting ready for Port Sunlight stamping show, which is on the 4th October (hope you have got your tickets?), and wanted to release some new stamps just before the show.  They are on special introductory offer right now in the New Products section (as well as the usual sections), and if you are coming to the show we will have them on special offer there as well.  (Although the website special finishes next Friday we will carry the special on over to the Show). 

Here they are - firstly two new Christmas stamps.  The first is CI-420 (if you want you can cut along the dots when stamped, then they look even more like postage stamps):

The second is CI-421 'A Christmas Delivery', and we have little Monty Moodle on the lower right hand side, helping the lady post her card. (Love him to bits x)
Here is another photo of him taken recently from the front - the little gem! (sat on a very small child's chair)..

The other two stamps are designed by a very old friend of mine (lol) - Linda Edwards in a similar style to her last releases CI-385 and CI-395, which you liked so much...

Here are CI-422 and CI-423:

And I'll add a few quickie makes that I've put together:

...More to follow.

We have also added some new Must Haves, which can also be found Here.

Do come and say hello at the Show!

To finish off tonight I am going to add some fabby makes by lovely Lynne, in her new cool contemporary style.  These are not using the new stamps as yet, but I'm sure we will have some with those too soon (no pressure then Lynne!)..

Turtles at the top, by Alice Palace, CI-413, and penguins below, again by Alice, CI-392

Many thanks for joining us here tonight,

Love you lots,

Jean x



Fliss said...

Absolutely fabulous new stamps Jean and more for my wish list :)
Some totally gorgeous makes too.
Fliss xx

Joanna Wiƛniewska said...

Beautiful new stamps. I love the flowers as well as both Christmas stamps. The little Monty Moodle looks georgeous! Beautiful makes with the new stamps. I like the buttercups in pink. I like Lynne projects too. Joanna

rachel said...

wonderful new stamps - sorry I won't be able to make Port Sunny this time - my poor hubby is very poorly and I need to visit him in Intensive care every day - I really hope it goes well for you. Hugs Rachel x

Juliz Design Post said...

Love the new Christmas stamp set and glad to see Monty Moodle has finally made it in the world of rubber stamps. Hope you have a great weekend at Port Sunlight. It's unfortunately to far away for me to attend.
Julie x

nikkib said...

awww what a handsome chap Monty Moodle is...very photogenic! loving the new stamps esp the Christmas ones love how they are minis of some current ones of yours...the flower stamps are great the Individual flowers would make a lovely bouquet or background when stamped randomly.. miss your classes at craft barn as so enjoyed the 2 I did attend a few years ago....happy crafting!!!

Sid said...

Lovely stamps and great projects Jean !

Craftyfield said...

Great new stamps, especially the Postage Stamp - one way to have all these CI images in one go! What I would LOVE with it, is a die that would cut all these into individual stamps, on account of my poor fussy cutting (and patience levels!).

Gio said...

The new release are gorgeous, can't wait to play with them.

Monty is so cute and lovey, and now he has a place in history, or at least in a rubber stamp history:-)

Cocofolies said...

This new release is just 'wow!', absolutely exquisite stamps with so delicate details as I love! Can't wait to play with them, it should occur soon as I've just received them :) Love the one with Monty Moodle haha, he is such a cutie! Thanks for the lovely photo Jean. Also thanks to Lynne for her fab makes with Alice Palace's stamps, I love this style!! Wishing you a great show in a few days, hope all things will be fine. :) Hugs, Coco x

nefertiti said...

I just received the new stamps today and I love them!!! Can't wait to play with them too!!!
Lovely samples with them Jean! And lovely cards too from Lynne.
Monty Moodle is perfect! Lol

ionabunny said...

Gorgeous makes. Love the turtle and penguins. Of course I do. Can't have enough turtles in the world. Hugz