Friday, 18 June 2021


Hello Folks

I do hope you are happily working on some fun crafty projects at the moment, and also hope you received our latest Newsletter, and got to see that the five brand new stamps released this month on The Craft Store are now available on our website.  If you didn't get the Newsletter or see the TV shows then here is the link to our New Products page (which is generally a great page to go to if you would like to watch out for new releases):-

Here is just one of the many fabulous samples we have using the new stamps, this time by Sandma... 


On my last Facebook Live I mentioned that our stamps (as well as those of many other genuine craft companies) are being copied in huge quantities by unscrupulous thieves operating on the internet.  Our wonderful teamie Sally, who also very kindly runs our fun CI Facebook Group -  has written an important post on her own blog - about such fake stamps and with her permission I am going to copy and paste it below:- 


'I'm sure you have probably heard about a number of fake stamps appearing out there. Many of these seem to come from China and are made of silicone. There are huge numbers on Ali Express. No matter how cheap they are, please don't buy them. I'm not just saying that just because they steal the images without permission (although that is reason enough I think!).  The nature of the materials they are made from means that ink won't give an even coverage; they are so squashy that the stamp distorts when you stamp it and the stamped image is poor to say the least. Also, they will decay a lot quicker than any rubber or decent photopolymer stamp. I own 20+ year old rubber and photopolymer stamps that stamp as well as the day I bought them. With silicone stamps they ended up in the bin after less than 7 years. I am very lucky to be on the DTs for Bee Crafty and Crafty Individuals, who produce excellent quality stamps that I consider to be the very best. I've also got stamps from Inkylicious, Hobby Art, Woodware, Chocolate Baroque, Lavinia, Card-io, Honey Do, Uniko, Indigo Blu, That's Crafty and Visible Image. These are all UK based companies that have excellent quality stamps and good customer service. They have built up a good reputation. If you want that quality of stamp and service, buy direct from them - They are all crafters too, so they make stamps that they enjoy using themselves.

I have heard a number of crafters say that they tried stamping but struggled to get a decent image so gave up. I wonder how many of them bought cheap, poor quality stamps and that was the cause of their issues? When I have tried using some of these stamps it has taken me much longer and sometimes several attempts to achieve something half decent. Many 'free' stamps on magazines are manufactured in the same way. Some are okay, but none are as good as the real thing. 

We have an amazing Craft Industry in the UK and it would be good to keep it that way, so when you spend your craft allowance, spend it wisely and buy direct from the companies you know you can trust! 

Thanks for reading this'


On a much happier note another one of our talented teamies - Isabelle, of Isa.C Art & Craft has made a couple of time lapse videos which you can now find on YouTube, showing how she makes some of her fabulous samples for us.  As well as being informative her videos are very relaxing to watch and are also set to some beautiful piano music.  I'm sure you will enjoy them as well as learn from them.  The card below is one of Isa's lovely makes with our new stamps....

Thank you for reading this today, and I hope you are enjoying some sunshine wherever you are in the world right now.

Jean xx


Pat said...

Great samples from the DT Jean and I did read Sally's blog post and have to agree about the quality of cheap stamps and I personally never buy from China directly. I do have some of the magazine freebies and it is true that they are nothing like the quality of your rubber stamps which are top notch, and I would never knowingly buy something which I knew to be a copy of one of your designs or of any other reputable stamp company out there because I know the work that goes into designing and producing good quality rubber and photo polymer stamps, and we should do what we can to keep yours and other like businesses alive for many years to come. x said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Hi, I commented on Sally's blog post, I think its dreadful that this happens, and I will always encourage people to use the real manufactured stamps, it is always good to hear people recommend using the "real" stamps

Craftychris said...

Beautiful cards! Its so wrong that these fake copy stamps exist. I would never buy them! Never, ever, ever! Take care. xxx

Janet said...

My Dad used to say “you never get owt for nowt”, that’s so true, and I hope more people are becoming aware of “pirate” stamps. I’d rather save and support our home grown talent any day.

Catherine Sydney said...

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