Friday 4 March 2011


I've had a little play with one of our little concertina books from Australia.  I decorated it on the theme of 'Travel', and the finished result is this:

It was a fiddly but fun project to do.  I used CI People & Places books, background books, and stamps including CI-304, CI-239 and CI-255.  I think it would make a pretty dinky gift for an intrepid friend, hope you agree?

Malc & I had a trip to Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle recently and were delighted to find this little pinny in the gift shop there - do you recognize the design that graces the top? (CI-269) - (Pinny modelled by the lovely 'Kate')
We knew that Ulster Weavers were making up some designs using this stamp plus other drawings by my friend Linda, (who also designs some of our other stamps for us), but hadn't seen them 'in the flesh' - it was a very exciting moment!  I think the woman behind the counter thought I was the 'local lunatic' when I couldn't resist telling her it was one of our designs we were buying! (I am not at all sure she believed me?!).
Soon after Linda gave me the rest of the items - just lovely:
I am now proudly displaying them all in my kitchen, where they look very cheerful - but a bit too good to use - perhaps I'll keep them for display purposes only!  They are so new they are not on the Ulster Weavers website yet, or I would give you the link, but I will be keeping a look out for them.

Finally today I want to share one of Jo Capper-Sandon's always classy creations using chicken stamp CI-289 amongst others - just adore Jo's work - thanks for sharing it Jo:

Back again soon  x


Netty said...

Loving your concertina book and it does look fiddly to do, but oh so worth it.
What a fab surprise you had. You must be glowing all over with pride. Enjoy the weekend. Annette

artyfartykat said...

What a fab surprise, apron looks lovely, don't think I could wear it either! Love the concertina album, I quite like fiddly things!!

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

How mad is that!!!!!!

lol I bet they'd never seen such excitement over an apron before :0)

(beautifully modelled btw) :0)

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

ps...sorry I got so wrapped up in the apron story, I forgot to comment on your absolutely gorgeous concertina book. I love all things crafty that do the open/close thing. Stunning.

Lynne Moncrieff said...

I have to start with the pinny - how amazing is that and no wonder you were excited, I am sure you were buzzing!!
Love the travel themed book, you can see the amount of work involved.
Then Jo's tag, great detail and beautifully coloured.

Dolly Daydreams said...

Wow it does look fiddly the concertina book fiddly but fab ! As for the pinny's there brilliant you must be so proud. Jo's tag is amazing as is everything she does.

Lucy Edmondson said...

I love your concertina book and Jo's tag! Beautiful! How lovely to see your designs made up in fabric. Must have been an exciting moment. I think a Crafty Individuals craft apron we could purchase would be a good idea?!

Lucy x

Katy said...

Jean your little book is adorable :)

Zuzu's Blog said...

LOL @ You and the pinny... but i would be the same.. I agree with the comment by the dear Lucy.. crafty individual aprons would be a cool purchase.
Loving the wee book and Jos tag.. Jos stuff has always been yum.. i still covet every item i have that shes ever sent me..

Anonymous said...

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