Thursday 31 October 2013


We have (at long last, I hear you say!) made a new YouTube video, and as suggested some time ago by a reader, this one is all about Crafty Individuals Masks, and simple ways of using them very effectively.

To compliment the video we have acquired the fabulous Sparkle Medium, and Gel, from Imagination Crafts, which we know you will love, and also some Gilding Waxes, from Creative Expressions, both of which you can find HERE on the Crafty Individuals Website - just look at those luscious colours - scrummy, yummy!  I'm just crazy about them!  If you watch the video you will see how you can use both mediums in combination with our lovely masks.

Whilst on the subject of videos, Julie Woodward (you might have watched Julie demoing our stuff before) has a new video out too which is perfect for learning the skills to make Birthday Books (great for Christmas presents), do have a look at it HERE.  I have put links to various YouTube videos down the right hand side of this blog, so you can check back often to see 'whats new'!

Now I thought I would share a 'Trick' (for Halloween maybe?) played on Malcolm and myself this week by little 'Monty Moodle'!?  We were having problems with the materials we use in our stamp making process, so very kindly our friends, Glenda and Adrian (of Chocolate Baroque fame), offered to help us out with some replacement materials which we needed quickly to begin to make up our latest new rubber stamps. 

Glenda and Adrian live over at Barnard Castle, which is around 50 minutes away from our place at Yarm by car, so we (and little Monty Moodle) happily set off to collect the materials from them.  About 40 minutes into the journey our car lost power, a warning light came on, and we had to pull into a lay by.  Whilst we were waiting for roadside assistance to arrive (thank goodness for mobile phones) Glenda and Adrian, again so very kindly, set out to meet us at the lay by and bring us the materials we needed, as we weren't sure how long we would be and whether we would have to be taken straight back home again.

When they arrived we got out of our car to greet them and shut the doors to keep Monty safe and sound inside the car.  To our great surprise and dismay we then heard a click, and found the the dog - bless him - had managed to stand on the central locking system inside the car, and had completely locked us out of the car - with the keys, and the bewildered doggy, unfortunately still inside.

When the roadside assistance eventually arrived the jolly gentleman had to break into our car as well as fix it!!!! Oh dear!

Just look at that sweet, innocent, little face!

Now its about time we wished you all a Happy Halloween - complete with an appropriate image by lovely Lucy - soooo perfectly SPOOKY!

Back soon,

Jean x


Anonymous said...

Are we to believe that sweet little innocent face has a touch of the devil tucked inside - I don't believe it for one minute LOL.
What a day you had but thank goodness for good friends when you really needed them.
P.S. great make from Lucy

Daniele said...

Can't believe that sweet Monty could do such a thing, he looks sooooo adorable
hugs x

Lucy Edmondson said...

Great video. So glad you are stocking two favourite products of mine; they will complement your masks and stencils really well!

Hope your car is now sorted out and glad your friends were so kind. I broke down a couple of weeks ago and Colin was away in France: it wasn't fun! Monty looks so cute though!

Lucy x

Cazzy said...

If Monty does it again you will know it is deliberate! Glad you got in eventually.

Carol x

Cocofolies said...

Thank you for the video Jean, it's a pleasure to see you demoing with your beautiful masks and we always learn something ! And great that yo are stocking these fab products, I have any of them yet but they are on my wishlist ! Great spooky creation from Lucy too... And thank you for sharing with us the funny story with Monky, Doh ! Hugs Coco x

Marianne said...

What a story and a lovely picture of the "innocent" doggie. So good that it turned out right.
xxx Marianne

Sam & Poppy said...

Oh Monty :) :) :)

ionabunny said...

Now you just need to teach him how to turn the central locking off and everything will be fine! He is so cute. Great make by Lucy bwahahahahahahaha

Craftyfield said...

Maybe funny now... but I bet at the time it was awful!
Thanks for the video, I enjoyed it as usual and was amazed at how quickly you knocked up some bacground paper with stencils and ink!

Scrapmate said...

Oh that 'butter wouldn't melt in my mouth' face really pulls at your heart strings.
Fabulous project by Lucy.

Gio said...

Gorgeous video, Jean. I have to try the embossing effect with the mask. Very cool.

Oh Monty, he's so lovely and innocent. By the way, he looks like he was wondering, 'did you get the key with you, Mum, didn't you?' ;-)